Ricardo Yapur Rizobacter
19 March 2019
Buenos Aires, March 18th. It’s probably that this is not a well-known datum, but 21% of the global inoculants market is held by an Argentine company, Rizobacter.

The company was founded in 1977 in Pergamino City, the heart of the Pampas, by a small group of entrepreneurs. One of them is Ricardo Yapur, current vice-president after Bioceres Group acquired 50.01% of the shares in 2016.
Rizobacter Conquers Soybean Productivity in Northern Regions with Inoculants
22 January 2019
Although the land of whisky has historically not been used to produce soybean because of the weather conditions, there is always room for innovation. This is the case of a group of researchers from the James Hutton Institute that have been working intensively with legumes in Europe, trying to increase its production and consumption.
01 November 2018
New technology, unique in the Argentine market, favors the quality and the treatment of seeds, while simplifying sowing logistics. The company aims to expand its product to foreign markets.
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01 November 2018
The aim is to incorporate this key nutrient during the treatments of wheat, corn, sorghum and rice seeds.
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01 November 2018
Bearing in mind the demand of international markets, the company has tripled its capacity of storage and optimization of product dispatching intelligence. The project contemplates the reduction of energy use and the development of a fire prevention network.
Rizoliq Dakar
01 November 2018
Aiming to increase productivity while generating sustainability, the company launched in Argentina an inoculant that responds to drought and high temperatures and it is the first bio-fungicide for the control of diseases in seeds, which has wider residual power and a better use of disease resistance.
Premios Cita
01 November 2018
Launched in Argentina this year, Rizoliq Dakar was recognized as the new inoculant tolerant to high temperatures and hydric deficiency.
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27 September 2018
Micro biotechnology that is completely degradable, which allows for superior results in agricultural applications
Rizobacter Argentina
10 August 2018
The company strives to increase the commercialization of its biotechnologies in Europe and India. Already present in 30 countries, it has accumulated more than 40 international licenses in the last two years.
24 July 2018
As part of its expansion and growth plan in the region, Rizobacter will take part as an exhibitor in “Biocontrols Africa 2017 Conference & Expo”, on the 12th and 13th of July in Cape Town, South Africa.