Inoculants and bio-inductors

A liquid inoculant formulated with a sterile foundation, well known for its practical use.

Is an inoculant that promotes high metabolic and physiological performance of microorganisms on the seeds.

Is a Long Life Inoculant (LLI) that allows for the seed to be treated -alongside fungicides and insecticides- up to 70 days before the sow.

Seed Treatment

A fungicide seed treatment based on watery substances with polymers, which distinguishes itself for the quality of its formulation. It is the combination of two active principles: Thiram 35% y Carbendazim 15%.

Crop nutrition

The technology behind the Microstar PZ fertilizer represents a qualitative leap towards efficiency and precision in the nutrition process of the crops, pushing for its start.


It is a pH corrector with buffering capacity and an ability to captor high performing cations that improves the water quality of agricultural sprays.

Super moistening and dispersing adjuvant, only formulated based on trixiloxane and copolymer, without Nonyl phenol.

An anti evaporation product to be used accompanied by fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. It is a vegetable oil of medium to rapid rupture, emulsifiable in water. It is apt for use in fruit growth.

Increases the coverage, penetration and biological activity of the herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and foliar fertilizers. Its formulation includes silicon organs, modified-refined vegetable oil, in this way offering a unique wide-range product for high quality applications.

Bacterial protector

Bacterial protector. Increases the survival of microorganisms on the soybean seed treated with inoculants.


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