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Generating a Better Climate

We strive to generate the best work environment possible, so we may carry out our projects in the best viable way.

Task Evaluation

In order to evolve in harmony with the current and future necessities of the company, our task evaluation allows us to plan for improvement by planning ahead for individual and company growth.

Work Environment Survey

We want the talented people who work for us to feel appreciated and we want them to find their true potential within the company. So, every two years, we invite all our coworkers to provide their opinions and share their comments on a Work Environment Survey. Those results allow us to think of adequate actions to carry out and make the corresponding necessary changes. .


We offer additional options when it comes to working hours and the possibility of working from home (home office days).

Adequate Working Space

We offer a modern and friendly work space that allows workers to exchange ideas while providing room for group creativity. The place is equipped with the best available technology to carry out all the different tasks.


In order to enrich projects and to get to know and carry our innovative thinking, we encourage communication between the work groups.

Encounters with the CEO

Every two months, coworkers from the different groups have dinner with the CEO of the company and where they can take part in an interesting and insightful chat. It is a space for direct dialogue, so that we may get to know each other better, be informed and give opinions, provide ideas and have a good time.

Creative Initiative

We listen to proposals and initiatives from our coworkers in order to improve our work environment.

Lecture Series

Each year, each area presents their work and projects and discuss subjects that are of common interest for the growth of the coworkers.

On the Network

We share all our news and team achievements on an internal corporate network.

We Take Care of your Health

We strive to provide the best health benefits for our coworkers and their families. We provide healthy habits all year round so as to achieve the best wellbeing of our people.

  • We offer Health coverage, Prepaid Social Welfare for all our employees and their families.
  • Flu Vaccination: every year, we organise a flu vaccination campaign for our coworkers, who can get a shot if they want to.
  • Medical Check-ups.
  • Campaigns and Lectures promoting health and healthy behaviours.
  • First Aid: we provide the possibility of belonging to the RIZOBACTER BRIGADE, made up of a group of coworkers that receive professional training to impart First Aid and security measures in case of an accident.

We Create a World of Benefits

We create a special benefits network so our coworkers can enjoy them in different moments of their lives.

We Create a World of Benefits We create a special benefits network so our coworkers can enjoy them in different moments of their lives.

  • Discount Cards: it allows our coworkers to access important discounts in various shops and institutions: gyms, clothing, educational institutions, restaurants, perfume stores, construction material, summer camps and others.
  • Financiación: facilitamos chequeras para financiar hasta 60 días compras de supermercado y farmacia.
  • Caja de alimentos: la empresa solventa un alto porcentaje del valor de una caja de comestibles y nuestros colaboradores pueden acceder a la compra de la misma por un precio mínimo.
  • Llave de Snack: ofrecemos una llave con un monto mensual para consumir en nuestras máquinas expendedoras de snack y platos elaborados

For Our Coworker’s Enjoyment

  • Trips for Seniority: we reward those who have been with us for 10, 20, 30 years, giving them a trip for two for their enjoyment.
  • We want the families of our coworkers to be part of our company and we do so by letting them get to know us. Every year, we organise special events with activities, so that they may spend a fun day and get to know our workspace.

Sharing Special Moments

We want our coworkers to live their special moments in full, which is why we think of these benefits so as to accompany them during those special days.


So that they may celebrate in full, no one works on their Birthday!


We give the couple a set amount of money so they may use it in whichever way they want.


Newborns are provided with all the necessary baby goods after birth.

Extended Maternity Leave

After the habitual maternity leave indicated by law, the mother can choose to work for half a day for the following two months, receiving her habitual complete salary.

Paternity Leave

Added to the legal paternity leave of two days, three more working days are provided.

School Supplies

To accompany the kids of our coworkers in their everyday learning, we prepare a kit of supplies for them. The supplies range from Kinder-garden level, to Primary and Secondary School.

Kid’s Day

All our coworkers’ children, up to age 12, get a beautiful gift.Christmas:At Christmas, we give away a box with several objects that can be shared in the celebration. .

Open to New Ideas

In order to keep the will to learn intact, we offer training and updates that motivate and help our workers to confront everyday challenges.

  • National and International Technical Training: Masters and Postgraduate Degrees, specialised courses and others.
  • We carry out leadership, communications and negotiation training.
  • Up to date Technical Training in seminars, workshops and others.
  • In House Training: security training at job posts; training on the use of new systems, work-tools, among others.
  • Languages.

Our aim is that our coworkers have the necessary tools to face the challenges of their positions. The training plan is for all the employees of the company.

We Have a Commitment with the Community

We are very much committed to our community and we carry out diverse activities to improve the current and future of its inhabitants.

Corporate Volunteering

We also help those who need it most through the voluntary solidarity task of our coworkers.

Boosting Education

We generate programs to help educate future generations.

  • Rizobacter Experience: is a program of high social value that is thought to encourage academic performance. Rizobacter values excellence and that is why it has created a space to recognise the merit of those youngsters from Pergamino, providing them with their first work experience.
  • Paid Training for Secondary Students, working alongside the NGO Cimientos.
  • We sponsor Secondary School students.
  • Agro-industry to come: we work with students from agro-industry schools,providing them with our products and promoting good agricultural practices, while exchanging experiences.