Rizobacter invests US2 million to adapt logistics to projected growth

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Bearing in mind the demand of international markets, the company has tripled its capacity of storage and optimization of product dispatching intelligence. The project contemplates the reduction of energy use and the development of a fire prevention network.

Rizobacter has invested US2 million dollars in the improvement of its logistics system and in ensuring the security of its operation. All within the framework of the strategic plan traced by the company to provide an answer to its expected growth by 2020/22, a consequence of its insertion in the international markets and the increase of local demand.

The improvement in logistics triples the storage capacity of the company, which went from having 4.000 to 11.800 available spots.

“This was possible due to the design of a rack system that allowed for the optimization of the storage area, which occupies 8700 square meters in the Pergamino Industrial Park, a short distance away from the Rizobacter production plant,” says Cecilia Petit, Executive Director of Operations. 

A system for a more intelligent use of the storage space also helped. It is associated to the SAP management system used by Rizobacter to organize more efficiently and without delay the product send of, taking into account its expiry date and lot number.

This improvement is not only applicable to the products that are elaborated in Rizobacter’s central plant. It also improves the logistics of Synertech Industries, the production plant of granulated fertilizers, a product resulting from the joint venture between the Argentine company and the French company De Sangosse, which is expanding its production to stock up on this input for the Latin American market. 

The project, which demanded almost a year of execution and is on its implementation stage, also contemplates the adoption of LED lights to reduce the consumption of energy while contributing to the lowering of carbon footprint, a commitment that was undertaken by the company and is profoundly embedded in all of its production areas.

A sophisticated network against fires was also installed. It demanded an investment of US500.000 dollars.  Annexed installations were designed for the factory staff, as well as for the storage area, which have all the latest security measures and follow all the environmental regulations established by the Chamber for Sanitation of Agroindustry and Fertilizers (CASAFE, Acronym in Spanish), entity in charge of certifying the improvements.